Web Development 

If you need a website for your project, whether selling products and services or sharing your message to the world, we're happy to help.

At Nierika Digital we focus on evaluating and identifying your project's goals to deploy a web development strategy that will be easy and affordable to launch.

Our goal is to make your messaging more effective.

We'll walk you through our process to understand your needs and goals to ensure a successful website launch.

This is our web development process

1. Identifying your goal

We'll work with you (not for you) to make sure we identify and understand what your goals are.

2. Defining your message and the scope of the project

After we understand your message we'll decide what web pages and features you'll need, and then we'll come up with a timeline to build the site.

3. Setting up the wireframe, tools and features for your website

Next, we'll set up your site. This entails how your content, functionalities, and features will interact and appear on the website.

*Also we'll recommend the best open source CMS (Content Management Systems) to make it as easy as possible for you to publish content and maintain your website

4. Uploading your content and visuals

Once we set up the layout and sitemap of your website we will upload your content and visual elements (logo, images, fonts, icons, buttons etc). We'll also make sure your website is mobile friendly through responsive design and optimized for SEO.

*We do not create content or do graphic design. However, if you need these services we can connect you with friends in our community who offer them. (You would negotiate fees/costs with them directly.)

5. Testing and launching your website

Now your website is almost ready to go live. We'll test it to be sure everything works as expected and fix any issues before is ready to launch.

Finally, the big day, launching your website and watching it sail off into the internet universe.

Web hosting services

We provide web hosting services (the house where your website lives) and domain names (the address to your web site)

Check our web hosting plans.

There is a 10% off when you buy our web hosting services and web development bundle.

Please note that we don't work with websites hosted by Godaddy.  (Godaddy servers not suitable for any of our services.)


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